Lutheran Women's Missionary League (LWML)
Through the collection of mites LWML gives a tremendous amount of mission money to various projects across the world.  Bedsides making an impact worldwide, our local congregation is the recipient of many activities sponsored by this group.  They make sure meals are provided for pastors' circuit meetings and funerals for congregational members.  They sponsor the Sharing Tree.

Sunday School Offering
A great portion of the Sunday School offering is given to a mission selected by the board of education after receiving input from the kids.  Sometimes the offering goes toward offsetting the expense of the class materials.

Seminary Student
LWML sponsors a student from one of the seminaries of the LCMS.

"Mission" Offering
Every year the congregation sets a portion of general offerings received to go towards "Missions."  This is sent to the Wyoming District, who in turns sends a portion of what they receive to Synod.  Our offerings support many ministries of our Church including the Wind River Indian Mission at Ft. Washakie in Lander, Wyoming, and more recently the Star Valley Mission in Afton, Wyoming.

Mission Festival
During the season of Epiphany we take the time to focus on a world mission, which might include having a guest speaker.  The congregation often responds to the mission opportunities presented to them at the Mission Festival.

Special Offering Envelopes
The congregation provides offering envelopes to the members.  Besides the weekly offering envelope, special envelopes for specialized ministries and missions are also provided for the congregation.

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